Calculate Your Fashion Footprint with ThredUP’s Quiz

Sustainable items and ethical practices seem to be all the rage in the fashion industry. More than ever, consumers are aware of the carbon footprint the fashion industry is leaving behind, and many are looking to make a change. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a sustainability wizard to find out how your fashion habits affect the planet.

ThredUP, the world’s largest online thrift store, recently launched an online quiz that’ll help you calculate your fashion footprint. In only a few minutes, you can discover how much of an impact your spending habits have on the environment.

It’s simple, just visit the website, answer 11 short questions, and review your results. Yes, ThredUP has made it that simple for you to calculate your impact. At the end of the quiz, you receive a score that’ll tell you whether you’re a conscious consumer or not.

Don’t worry, no one’s judging you on this one, so try you’re best to be as honest as possible for you to get accurate results. Along with your score, you’ll also be able to see how your habits compare to other consumers. You’ll also get a few tips on how you can reduce your impact by supporting other sustainable brands.

As a thrift store shopper and eco-fashion advocate, I love the idea of becoming aware of the impact our shopping habits have on the planet. We’re often distracted by sales, cheap items, and changing trends, and ignore the fact that every decision we make has an impact.

This quiz was also a great reminder that nobody’s perfect. Although I shop second-hand the majority of the time, my results proved that my habits still harmed the environment. My fashion habits contribute to 730 pounds of carbon emissions annually. That’s equivalent to 4.6 flights from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Of course, there’s more to your fashion footprint score than just your shopping habits. Using your washer and dryer can also impact your score, so be aware of that as you try to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Overall, I enjoyed taking the quiz and reviewing my results. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s been wondering what their fashion footprint could be.