Self Defense Tool Guards Women

A new defense tool is on the market that aims to make women runners feel safer while on the go.

The Go Guarded ring is a simple design that allows women to have an advantage should they need to defend themselves against an attacker.

The ring has a blade-like design that can puncture or cut an attacker, but can be safely worn due to a plastic blade cover. The cover is made of a moldable rubber that bends back to expose the blade when used.

The ring can be worn on any finger that is most comfortable and even comes with four ring sizers to help make the ring fit securely on any size finger.

The serrated-edge blade is made of heavy duty plastic and is meant to provide the wearer with a peace of mind while out for a run or hike.

But perhaps the best part of the Go Guarded ring is that it’s always on the wearer as oppose to mace or pepper spray which is often something people keep in their bag or pocket.

In the event of an attack, having enough time and awareness to retrieve pepper spray from a purse, backpack or pocket might not be an option, but with the Go Guarded ring defending oneself against an attacker is easier since the ring is always being worn.

And of course, most people are going to instinctually use their fists when defending themselves from an attacker. That’s why Go Guarded was intended to be worn at all times and on the primary defense tool people use.

Roughly 43 percent of women experience some sort of harassment while out on a run, according to a 2016 survey conducted by Runner’s World, and those 30 years old and younger experience harassment at an even higher rate of 58 percent.

In big cities the chances of being cat-called are 55 percent, and many women surveyed said they sometimes rethink their run just to avoid being harassed.

Although Go Guarded is marketed for runners, the tool is also great for those who exercise by themselves or young girls away at college.

The tool receives positive reviews on their website and is available for purchase through Amazon for $12.99.