Three Tips to Make Back to School Shopping a Breeze

The annual back to school madness is underway. Every year, parents and their children prepare for the new school year by stocking up on all the essentials. Stores are stocked with pencils, notebooks, backpacks, and a whole lot of stress. A time that should signify excitement, growth, and new beginnings can quickly turn into a dreadful, overwhelming, and hectic experience.  

If you’re planning to start your family’s back to school shopping soon, these tips can definitely save you time and a headache before you head out of your door.

Make a list

Back to school shopping is not like your average grocery store run. A year’s worth of supplies is usually purchased in one single transaction, so it’s important to get everything you need. It can also be daunting walking into a retailer with isles full of items you don’t need. By making a list, you not only ensure you get what you need, but you avoid purchasing things you don’t.

Most grade schools provide a class supply list that includes everything your child will need during the school year. Make sure to check in with your child’s school and teacher for this helpful list.

Shop early

Blue school bag with school supplies isolated on white background

We’ve all been there. The walk of shame through the empty isles because the big day crept up on us. Well, don’t be that parent. Shopping early can grant you access to the most variety of brands, colors, and styles. Whether you’re shopping for shoes, uniforms, or school supplies, it’ll all be gone before you know it.

If you’re an avid online shopper, make sure to allow the appropriate amount of time for shipping and possible delays. No kid wants to start school without their favorite backpack or cool shoes.

Shop around

When shopping for school essentials, it’s important to keep in mind that not all retailers carry the same supplies. If there’s anything I learned over the years of shopping for this annual event is that patience is key. Crossing things off my list often means several trips to stores and websites.

You’ll also find that retailers offer a variety of deals on different items. Shopping around can mean lots of savings during your shopping. Check your newspaper or online ads for the best deals on all the things on your list.