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Are you 30+ and still single? That’s not a bad thing! Being single at 30 doesn’t mean you are one of the untouchables; it just means you haven’t settled. I’m sure you’ve had boyfriends, flings, and interests but you confidently turned them down knowing full well they wouldn’t make you the happiest person you deserve to be.

Being single at 30 means you can live life by following your own compass. You want to go out on a Thursday night without having someone to report to? Go ahead. Wanna sit in front of your T.V. binge watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” while stuffing your face with all kinds of chocolate delights? You do you!

The gift of being single at 30 means you can date. While some of your other friends practice monogamy, you are granted all the attention by male suitors. And you can find these gentleman anywhere and at anytime. So…make sure you are always ready to FLIRT your heart out honey. Have all types of fun! And don’t forget the best part about being single…you only have to share your bed when you want to! Cuddling is nice, don’t get me wrong. But, who really wants to share their bed after a long day of work? What if he snores or hogs the sheets or breathes too heavily and directly on you! No, thanks.

Not only do you not have to share your bed BUT you don’t have to share your food, car, closet space, or bills! You can wear whatever you want without having to shave your legs to make sure they are up to your man’s standard…whatever standard that really is, I don’t know. bikini girls jumping in the air

Because you are 30+ and still single, it means you are taking your time…exploring all of your options! As you should! The divorce rate is too high to be rushing into a marriage with someone you will end up despising in 12 months. If you meet the right guy, that’s great. But really make sure he’s perfect for you and that those in-laws don’t drive you crazy.

You grow with time, so take your time!

NO BODY REALLY CARES that you are still single at 30. Besides your parents breathing down your throats, the rest of the population is not judging you. I promise, when you walk down the street there is no sign on your forehead saying “I’M STILL SINGLE AT 30.” If anything people are applauding you for being the self-made, confident, “a man is not the plan,” woman that you are!