Head shot of worried woman over white background

You read right, Bluetooth Tampons!

When I first saw these little gadgets pop up on the scene I was beyond excited. Bluetooth tampons will send you a quick text or email letting you know that’s it time to change your tampon? How has that not already existed?! Especially for those who have experienced the intense embarrassment of changing their tampons just a touch too late. I mean, where was this thing when I was in high school?

But, after some research I found that this new invention isn’t as glamorous as I had thought. This tampon connects to a Bluetooth sensor that you can wear on your waistband. And did I forget to mention that the tampon is attached to your waist by a string? Sexy! Maybe the string will come in multiple colors? Ooooh what about a nice Louis Vuitton or Michael Kors designer string?

Embarrassment isn’t the only reason for these Bluetooth Tampons. Toxic shock syndrome and constantly having to run to the bathroom to check things out are definitely getting old. I appreciate my. Flow for trying to help women! These tampons work with an app that sends alerts to your phone. You will get messages like “Connected to moisture sensor,” that will let you know everything is working as it should. Sound good?

I would have to say NO! I am not sure if I would ever feel compelled enough to walk around with a visible string coming out of my Hoo-Haw! I can only imagine the looks I would get walking around the grocery store, going to work, or doing ANYTHING in public.

And how would that even work? What if I trip….? Would everything just fall out?!

I am going to have to pass on these Bluetooth Tampons until they are upgraded to the “no hands” (or should I say, “no strings”) kind of Bluetooth. Cut the string and I will definitely make a purchase.

What do you think?