5 Things Successful Women Do When They Fail

Stay energy rich. It’s easy to stay energy rich when things are going well. Your relationships are fulfilling, money is flowing in and you’re healthy, but what happens when money is not coming in as expected, you have a fight with a loved one or an illness pops up? This is when you need self discipline to stay energy rich regardless of your external circumstances. The best way to do this is to create a Spiritual Toolbox. Make a list of all the self-care and self-nourishing activities that enrich you.

Failure does not define your worth. Failure is not really failure, failure is learning. When you choose to be humble and let your circumstances (regardless of what they may be) teach you a lesson, you can show up confidently and get different results from your actions. When you feel like a failure it’s important to talk to yourself with love and not deprecation. That self-loathing voice is mean, and every time you allow it to speak you are further defeating yourself and your success. You will overcome your challenges so much faster when you speak to yourself with love and kindness.

Keep your hunger. Richard Branson says the number one determiner of long term success is hunger. How hungry are you for reaching your goals and accomplishing your dreams? No one else is going to come along and want your dreams to happen more than you. Stay committed to what you are most passionate about. Set micro goals in service to the macro goals and celebrate the milestones of achievement, even when you have yet to see tangible results.

Reflect and evaluate. Smart and successful women know the value in creating time for reflecting and evaluating on a regular basis, especially after something didn’t work out. For example, if you are marketing something and didn’t meet your sales and money goals, you must take the time to reevaluate. Smart women are paying attention to their profit margins, how much a sale is costing them, and evaluating what is and is not working in their business. Schedule reflection time into your calendar each week and honor it. *Bonus points for doing it with a business or mastermind partner.

Get back up and out there. When you feel knocked down by life feel your feelings but don’t wallow in them. Successful people know how to use the tools that work for them to get back in the game and back on track toward their goals. Recreate a new action plan with milestones if you need to and take time for self care, but don’t stay down too long or you will lose all of the momentum you have created.