Working Yourself Sick

We discussed the art of taking a break earlier in the week and how important it is to take a break. Your mind and body need time to regenerate, and slowing down and taking a break can really help that process along.

But did you know that most Americans choose to not use all of their yearly vacation time, and either let it roll over or cash it out at the end of the year?

That’s right, looks like a lot of people are not taking breaks! But it’s not just a simple break that your mind needs, it’s the art of not overworking that is most important to note.

In Japan an overworked society reigns, and it is not uncommon to find business men passed out on the side of the road from exhaustion.

Yes! white collar workers are working close to 80 hours a month in overtime and are actually so tired they literally can’t make it home before they topple over and fall asleep. It is absolutely crazy to imagine streets filled with people who are overworked and not even able to make it home.

Think about how many times you stayed late to work on things that could wait until morning. You want to be the standout star, the person who always takes on the task and gets it done.

Having a good work ethic is great, but you’re no good to yourself and work is you are falling asleep at your desk. We need to take note of Japan’s working to death society and be better at taking care of our health and knowing when to say enough is enough.

Work hard, yes. But not at the expense of your health and wellbeing. Make time to enjoy the things you like to do when you’re not at work, and for goodness sake use your vacation time!

Those who find a healthy work/life balance are less likely to suffer from heart disease and heart attacks. The stress on your body to maintain a schedule that is leaving you drained will only continue to take its toll the more you push it.

So remember, there is no reason to work yourself to death. Just take a break or a vacation! You earned it.