Understanding Acupuncture - Roots and BranchesIn medicine these days, we too often rely on a pill to treat our pain.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  We are held victim to side effects of medication to manage our chronic pain, when in actualityAcupuncture Scottsdale Chinese Medicine Chambers Clinic there’s an alternative that’s cost effective, side-effect free, and natural.  Acupuncture is a fantastic resource for treating and managing chronic pain, as well as many diseases of the body.

Acupuncture works through stimulating acupuncture points around the body.  Some of you may have gone to an acupuncturist and asked, “I have knee pain why is he sticking a needle in my hand?”  Acupuncture and its points work off of flows called meridians.  There are 14 major meridians in the body and they travel all throughout the body in an intricate system of circulation similar to blood and its vessel.  Often when pain arises, there’s a blockage in one or more of these meridians somewhere along the flow.  It creates a cascade effect that leads to pain or discomfort, just as an accident on the freeway could cause traffic jam miles away.  Acupuncture helps to correct the flow of this congestion and alleviate the pain.  That’s often why points are used “distally” or away from the area of the pain as the location of the traffic jam on a freeway is not always the location of the accident.

medications side effects-alternative medicineWhereas medications to treat pain helps to perhaps provide instant relief, real healing does not occur.  We’re left with chronic pain and possibly chronic addiction to a medication.  With acupuncture we get to the root (cause) of the problem rather than just the branch (the symptom or pain).  It’s actually quite common that pain may not be from trauma or injury at all.  There may digestive difficulty, scar tissue from old surgeries, or blockage in the flow from another injury that’s not expressing any pain that leads to chronic pain.

With acupuncture and a professionally trained Chinese Medical Practitioner, they can help diagnosis the root issue causing discomfort and alleviate the pain (the branch) all at the same time.

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