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In my years of experience in dating, there seems to be quite a personal trend occurring.  One of which I don’t stand alone in my notice of the change in times.  I have heard and experienced first hand this situation. You meet someone; you start emails, then text, then BAM! There it is, in all its glory, the naked text photo. Yes, I am talking about “the parts.” It’s not just the men, as they have shared, some women are guilty as well.

Business woman standing outside in front of office building, using mobile phoneI just don’t seem to understand why we are sending our private photos, of our “parts” before we even get to know the person’s heart.  I am telling you, sending your private part photos are setting you up for complete failure.

Though our technology is much more advanced than it was when my parents or even grandparents were dating, there are basic fundamentals that DO NOT change between men and woman connections and the basic laws of dating and courting.  Now, I will say I know couples that share these types of photos by choice to keep their relationship hot. Key word I said is relationship, meaning they are either exclusive or are at least dating to where they have already met. At that point whatever floats your boat or your…well I am just gonna leave it at.

Men and women please listen up, STOP sending your parts pictures before you have even met the person your interested in. Leaving something to the imagination is not only a bigger turn on, it is the respectful thing to do for both parties. Let someone get to know you and your heart before you decide to flash them a photo of your parts. Trust me on this one!