We have all heard that stress and worry can wreak havoc with your life but studies show that it can also create long term health issues. It is important for people to realize that embracing positive thinking and changing certain behavioral patterns can transform your whole life in areas such as health, wellness, business and relationships.

Suzie Gasporavic_300Recently I had the opportunity to meet someone who not only talks about the possibilities, but has the experience to back it up. I met Suzie Gasparovic and she shared her story. We all know negative people in our lives… people who are so negative we can only deal with them in small doses. So talking with Suzie was a nice change of pace for me. She is so much more authentic and different from the many self proclaimed “Life Coaches,” that contact me.

Suzie was very candid about her story and the issues she had to overcome. Challenges in life are something we all face, but to lose your mother to suicide at the tender of age of four is something that I can’t even imagine. She also went on to say that her father turned to gambling which resulting in her family losing her home at a young age. How on earth does someone so young cope? She shared with me some of her darkest moments and clearly her life was a difficult journey she had to endure.

I was drawn to her positive happy attitude despite her earlier circumstances. Her earlier dark thoughts had wreaked havoc with her health creating issues including depression and Hashimoto, which is an autoimmune disorder. She briefly told me how her negative thoughts had created her health issues as well as attracted negative and unhealthy relationships in her life. The underlying message throughout her story was bad things happen to everyone. What matters is how you process the negatives and react to them.  Susie has had an interesting life and is a fantastic story teller and I found that her Australian accent was a delightful bonus. She has had such a troublesome personal history but shows others how they can change their lives by changing their thoughts and habits.

Suzie Gasporavic will be speaking at the Women of Strength Forum being held at the Scottsdale Hilton on January 9th at 8:30am.

You can register for the event at www.WomenofStrengthEvent3.eventbrite.com