Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Expensive Beauty Upkeeps

They say beauty is pain, I say beauty is expensive. As a feminine woman, I love all things beauty, fashion, and self-care, and these highly-promoted industries are thriving. As a money-conscious woman, I often battle with the idea of saving money while not letting myself go.

If you’re looking to save money while keeping up with your beauty routines, there’s a way to do it. Below are three budget-friendly alternatives to expensive beauty upkeeps.

Strip Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions

Nothing makes a woman feel more feminine than long and voluminous lashes. Unfortunately, most women don’t have the luxury of relying solely on mascara to do the job, myself included. Eyelash extensions are amazing. They save you time and energy by not having to do daily maintenance, but the monthly upkeep is expensive. That’s why I’m a huge fan of strip lashes.

Strip lashes often get a bad rep because of their tricky application, but trust me, once you master the application process, you’ll be hooked. When I decided to cut my eyelash extension maintenance to save money, I was committed to learning the best techniques. Now, I use strip lashes every day and absolutely love it.

Press-On Nails vs Acrylic Manicures

Ever since I gave birth to my daughter almost 8 years ago, my nails have been weak and brittle. Therefore, I can’t live without cute and chic nails. I’ve been through many nail phases. From gel, to dip, and acrylics, I’ve tried it all. While each method has its benefits, the upkeep can take a toll on your budget.

That’s why I’m so glad I found my way to press on nails. For the last year, I opted out of bi-weekly salon visits and use store-bought press on nails instead. If you’re new to press on nails, I highly suggest watching tutorials on the best way to apply them. Trust me, you won’t regret it, and neither will your wallet.

Thrift vs Retail

OK, so this doesn’t necessarily fall under the beauty category, but I find that many women struggle to save money in the fashion department just as often. With constantly changing seasons, trends, and styles, we’re often marketed to buy the newest things to hit the racks.

As a thrifter and personal stylist, I’m a big advocate for buying second-hand. Not only can it save you hundreds of dollars, but it can positively impact the planet and your wardrobe. Shopping at thrift stores helps you experiment with your style and find what truly works for you and your lifestyle.