relaxing2They say the older you get, the more set in your ways you become.

But are you so set in your ways that you’re having a hard time making room for someone new in your life?

We all get caught up in the American grind. Sometimes I wish America had adopted the European way, the one that says we can have a two hour lunch break and a nap time.

We don’t take our vacation time, cash in our sick days, and make the same excuse that we have been ‘so busy’ we didn’t have time to meet a friend for lunch.

We are on a never ending carousel ride and choosing not to get off, even after we’ve become nauseous from the constant motion of it.

Susan Biali is a doctor, author and life coach expert. In her article for Phychology Today, she says you have to be willing to walk away from the daily grind every once in a while.

“I’ve seen over and over again that when you stop, even just for an hour, answers and ideas present themselves with almost no work on your part,” Biali writes.

And it’s true. How many times have you actually hit the stop button and taken a break to walk away refreshed and ready to take on life by the horns?

In so many ways we can all use a day to take a break from ‘adulting.’ And when we finally enjoy ourselves, joy finds its way to us.

relaxingWhether it’s thinking about plunging back into the dating world, scheduling a vacation you haven’t taken yet, or even just spending time with family and friends, you deserve to take a breather every so often.

“Those dreams slowly emerged in that cafe, as did the plan to make it all happen. That would never have happened by trying to brainstorm in between patient visits or while running errands,” Biali writes.

For Dr. Biali her downtime allowed her to find a new path she was passionate about.

Perhaps your new downtime will also bring you to the clarity, or the someone, you’re looking for.