Samantha Bee Celebrates Nasty Women

Comedian Samantha Bee is declaring the week of August 21 through 25 Nasty Women Week.

The Full Frontal TV show host announced her declaration on Twitter calling for all Americans to celebrate women as they continue to pioneer through political and social challenges.

The term “nasty woman” first came into the spotlight after Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for being “such a nasty woman” during a presidential debate in October 2016.

Since then, the term “nasty woman” has been printed on T-shirts and other items in solidarity with Clinton and her resilience to speak her mind.

The label was seen in abundance during the Women’s March in January, where a some 500,000 people marched across the country to protest Trump and his discriminatory and controversial proposed legislation.

Even actress Ashley Judd recited an emotional poem titled “I am a nasty woman,” written by Nina Donovan, a 19-year-old who is from Judd’s home state of Tennessee.

In an official press release, Bee stated she wants to give all international and domestic nasty women a week for “having to put up with too much sh*t for too long,” and that the administration should honor women with a dedicated week to acknowledge and celebrate all the nasty women out there.

Bee’s tweet was met with a thumbs up from many supporters who also feel nasty women deserve a special week dedicated to them.

Bee has long made her opinions and political standings clear on her show, and recently hit a goal of raising $1 million in support for Planned Parenthood by selling T-shirts on her website that read “Nasty Woman” on them.

Even Hillary Clinton shared her endorsement for Bee’s stance when she tweeted a photo of herself with a “Nasty Woman” T-shirt.

Each day this week Full Frontal’s Twitter will post clips of past shows highlighting remarkable women. For clips and to learn more check out the show’s website.