Simple Ways to Stay Grounded During Hectic Times

The last two years have been a lot. Not only have we survived a worldwide pandemic, but we’ve also managed to get through an uncertain economy, job market, and health crisis. As we continue to juggle our endless task lists and responsibilities, we must endure the hardships and remain level-headed as we continue on our path.

Amidst all the chaos, it’s important to keep calm and stay true to yourself through all the uncertainty. Below are four simple ways to stay grounded during hectic times.

Practice gratitude

Whenever I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or burnt-out, I turn to gratitude to help me find some light amongst all the darkness. It can be easy to allow your negative thoughts and emotions to take over during hectic times, but if you’re serious about getting through it and making it through, a strong gratitude practice can help you accomplish that.

Be present

During times of uncertainty, our minds tend to focus on things we have little control over – usually living in the past or far future. However, when you’re going through overwhelming and difficult times, it’s important to also remain present and tackle the issues head-on. Ask yourself why you’re feeling this way and what you can do to begin chipping at these problems right now.

Connect with others

When going through difficult times, we tend to isolate ourselves to deal with the problems alone. While we might think we’re doing ourselves a favor, we’re not. By connecting with others, we have the opportunity to get an outside look at our current situation, oftentimes welcoming new solutions and creative ideas to tackle the problems that seem too overwhelming to deal with.

Stick to routines

One of the first things to go when times get hard is our routines, but they’re the one thing that can help us stay grounded throughout the messy process. By sticking to your routines, you remind yourself that even though times are hectic and stressful, you’re still able to do the things that matter to you. For me, sticking to my routine means waking up early every day, taking breaks, and making dinner for my family.