Microchipping Humans Is Actually Here

As technology got more advanced, we all heard stories about how one day humans will be implanted with a chip that has all their information stored on it.

As crazy as it sounds, it looks like microchipping for humans is actually here, and there is one company in the U.S. that’s taking advantage of the technology and allowing their employees to opt into getting the chip implanted.

Three Square Market is a vending machine provider that specializes in more upscale and healthier food options. Based in River Falls, Wisconsin, the company is known for their micro markets and vending stations.

But recently, Three Square Market has been generating news that has nothing to do with snacks and drinks. Instead, it’s about how employees now have the option to get microchipped.

The small chip, about the size of a grain of rice, is implanted in the skin between the thumb and forefinger. The chip has information stored on it that allows the employee access into the building and to their locked computer, according to NowThis Future.

All the employee has to do is scan their hand and they are able to open doors, unlock their computer, and even buy food from the cafeteria.

The company is not making the chip mandatory for employees to get, but so far 5o employees have elected to have one implanted.

The practice of microchipping employees may be new to the U.S., but several companies in Europe have already put the method into practice.

But not everyone thinks microchipping employees is a good idea. Recently, Google reviews of the company show low rankings and comments from people on what they think about a company who microchips their employees.

Yet Three Square Market maintains that more places of business will begin to offer the option of microchipping, and over time people will use microchips as their main form of payment, as well as a way to access health information and personal identification.

Perhaps this method of identification isn’t so far into the future as we all thought it was. What do you think? Should people get the microchip?