Why You Should Embrace Gratitude During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world nearly one year ago. It changed the way we worked, shopped, learned, and went about our lives. For most of us, it was a change we could have never imagined. Our fear of uncertainty became the only constant in our lives, and we’ve had to learn to live with it.

With everything that’s happened this last year, you’re still here. Yes, you reading this right now. You’ve survived one of the biggest rollercoasters in recent history, and there’s so much to be grateful for. Sure, many of us have lost a lot. Things many of us will never get back, but you gained a lot, too. If you’re hoping to find more of those silver linings, gratitude is key.

Below are three major reasons why you should embrace gratitude during a pandemic.

It keeps you motivated

When I find myself in a funk and unmotivated, I can usually count on gratitude to lift me back up. This is as simple as taking a few minutes to think about a few things you’re grateful for. If you’re trying to find motivation for your job, think about how blessed you are to be employed during this crisis. If you’re trying to find the motivation to take care of things around your house, think about how lucky you are to have one in the first place.

It provides perspective

It can be easy and dare I say, addictive, to get into a soapbox about how unfair life has been to you. Truth is, unfair things happen to good people all the time. It’s less about what happens and more about how you react to those things. When you take the time to practice gratitude, you’re opening your mind to perspective. You adjust your viewpoint to focus on all the things you have instead of all the things you don’t.

It helps avoid negative thoughts

If your mind often takes you on a journey of negative thoughts that seems impossible to get out of, try practicing gratitude. When you feel those thoughts happening, stop them on their tracks. Instead of feeding them with additional negative emotions, stop and think about why they’re just not true. Change your thoughts by choosing to focus on positive things. Whether it’s that recent promotion, your child’s health, or your happy marriage.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools we all have in our toolbox. You can choose to use it or refuse to take advantage of it. It can singlehandedly change your life.