Living Life With An Attitude of Gratitude

I live life with an attitude of gratitude. If you’ve never heard this expression, it means I live my life constantly expressing thankfulness and appreciation for everything I have.

I know life is not always easy, and being grateful when things aren’t going well can be difficult. However, the more I focused on a problem in my life, the more problems I would continue to have.

For example, I would ask the universe to bring me a specific vehicle that I always wanted. I would imagine one day owning the car but I didn’t want to be pushy and to try to force the universe to bring it to me quickly.

While I was waiting for the new vehicle to manifest, I began to get jealous of other people driving the car that I wanted. What I did not realize was that the universe does not register negatives.

Think about it. If you tell a child not to touch a lamp all the child hears is, “Touch it.” By thinking “someday,” the universe was responding to me by saying, “Oh! You keep seeing the manifestation of this vehicle as someday. Okay! I will keep it in the future because that is where you see it.” This mindset never got me the vehicle.

Remember, the universe is always for us and never against us. I never really gave gratitude until I learned how to live a reactive way of life.

Most of us live in a reactive state of being rather than a proactive state. I used to think if I had a certain kind of car then I would feel successful, and if I had a certain amount of money then I would feel wealthy. I waited for the physical manifestation of the car in order to allow myself to feel mentally successful and complete.

I was waiting to be grateful until I received what I wanted, instead of being proactive and constantly being grateful no matter what.

Once I learned the universe was responding to my thoughts, I focused on being grateful for having the car before I even had it. I realized that if I felt as though I already had the car, the universe would respond to those feelings. I would keep giving gratitude as though I had already received it.

On a daily basis, try acting as though you already have what it is that you want the universe to bring to you. You may not see the money in your bank account and the vehicle parked in your driveway, but the trick is to believe they are there.

When you get a reaction from life and your dream car manifests, or you make some great cash, you will feel great because you helped guide the universe to deliver what you wanted most in life. You will begin to be in a state of gratitude and acceptance much more often.

Here are two things you can do to help with gratitude and acceptance in your life. The first exercise is to write down ten different things each day you are thankful for. Continue this exercise for ten days without repeating any of the gratitude statements you already wrote down.

It can be as simple as thanking the universe for your home, or for the sun that shines on this planet. Keep it easy. This exercise will get you to be creative with all of the things you are thankful for in your life.

The other exercise is to write down ten different “I am” statements each day. Continue this exercise for ten days without repeating any of the “I am” statements. You can write down “I am happy,” or “I am healthy.” The key is to use “I am,” and not “I was,” or “I will be.” We want to remain in the present. 

Be open in your daily life to receive validations that what you are doing is working. In the beginning, you may think that it’s luck and coincidence. What you are seeing is synchronicity and precision on the universe’s part.

It’s time to begin receiving more of the life that you want, and living life with more fun and adventure with anything you wish to manifest. Live your dreams and your life with gratitude.