To Marry For Love Or Money? That Is The Question

Oh, blissful love!

How many stories are out there of a rich noble renouncing their title for the sake of love? Turns out the stories didn’t match up to the real world.

According to a survey, more millennials and Gen Xers actually prefer to marry for financial stability over anything else.

Merrill Edge, a division under Merrill Lynch, surveyed more than 1,000 individuals between the ages of 18-40 who have assets totaling between $20,000 and $250,000.

Roughly 55 percent of millennials and 59 percent of Gen Xers said they prioritized financial stability as a factor in their marriage over love.

That’s not to say there a ton of loveless marriages, it just means head-over-heels love didn’t always win when it came to agreeing to walk down the isle.

According to Now This Money, 56 percent of Americans want stability in their marriage when it comes to money. Around 44 percent said they prioritize love over anything else.

And when it comes to men and women, both say they are interested in their partner having some sort of financial stability when it’s time to get married. Gen Z is the only generation to choose love over money.

Money is not the only major factor, the study also found that Americans prefer someone who is career-driven and focused over someone who is socially conscious. They also prefer their match is frugal over being philanthropic, and a saver rather than a big spender.

When it comes to the discussion of money with a spouse, Gen Z is more inclined to be open and upfront about money. Millennials and Gen X still wait before bringing up the topic.

Money is notoriously a difficult topic to discuss, and can be the root of a lot of breakups or miscommunication. Discussing money and being open and honest is always the best policy.

And although it might seem kind of sad, it also makes sense as to why so many people are curious about the finances before agreeing to get married.

Most millennials and Gen Z kids have debt from school hanging over their head. Stability and security is something we now associate with everything being ok and taken care of.

As a result, more people are looking at marriage as more of a business deal. And perhaps it’s not such a bad idea.