According to a study conducted by psychologists, Kostadin Kushlev — cell phones are actually affecting the way we trust the people around us. Interesting! This study observed over 2,000 Americans and the reliance they had on their cell phones, instead of other people.

According to Kolooking at phonestadin Kushlev,”The more people relied on their mobile phones for information, the less they trusted strangers, neighbors and people from other religions and nationalities.”

The fact that we can get information so quickly, at any given time, may actually be hurting us. Especially when it comes to our interaction with other people.

Here’s an example! Let’s say you needed directions to the nearest Starbucks, would you ask the stranger next to you or would you pull out your cell phone and look up directions? Probably the latter. Personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with using your cell phone to gather information (but I could be biased).

However, this study is arguing that the convenience of cell phones is taking the way we depend on other people.

Honestly, I can’t say I disagree with this logic. Usually, I don’t need to depend on the strangers around me because I can get everything I need from my phone —  money, advice, entertainment, information, communication with my actual friends and family, etc. Why would I ask the guy standing next to me in line a question that Siri could answer in five seconds? Right?

Speaking of friends and family, the study mentioned that using your cell phone shouldn’t affect the way you trust the people closest to you. Your friends, family, and boyfriend don’t count as strangers — being obsessed with your cell phone won’t affect the way you trust them.

Regardless of if you agree with this study or not, the results are very interesting and revealing. I don’t trust strangers, but it’s because I’ve never really had to. I can definitely see my cell phone being directly related to my unwillingness to ask strangers questions.

What are your thoughts?