jocelyn-aaron-article3We hear this rather frequently, “I’m not sure my partner believes in me or what I am doing.”

Let’s dive into this important topic because whether we show it or not, we all want to feel supported.

With anything in life, belief must first come from within you. You already have everything you need to be successful. This is an important aspect of personal growth so that you can expand your belief in yourself.

If you feel or assume that your partner does not believe in you and what you are doing then ask yourself, “Do I believe what I am doing is my true purpose and passion?”

The answer might be “No.” On the other hand, if your answer is “Yes,” that will give you confidence to continue your path with joy.

Allow confidence and passion to guide a conversation with your partner and openly share with them how much it means to you to have their support.

Then ask them, “Will you support me in this?” and let them know you desire to have their love and support.

What if you tried that and you still don’t feel their support?

At a subconscious level, we all relate to life and each other based on our past and what we have expereinced.

If your partner does not express their full support, understand a past experience may be bringing up some concerns.

Their lack of support might actually be fear or resignation. That’s where you can be understanding and patient while continuing to follow your passion in life.

Staying consistent and maintaining your positive attitude and self-confidence will translate over to your partner. Showing them you’re confident in yourself and the relationship will hopefully alleviate any concerns they may have.

How would you like your partner to show they believe in you?

One way to gain your partner’s support is to know specifically how you would like them to show you support. Is it through verbal encouragement, joining you in the venture, financial support, or just giving you the space to fly in your inspiration?

Once you know what will support you the most, you can request it from them. It may turn out they say, “Oh, is that all you were looking for from me? Yes, of course I can do that!”

How can you show you believe in them?Student/Teaher_featured

Being in a partnership is not a one way street, and it’s critical that both people are fulfilled and doing what they love and what aligns with their passions.

So ask your partner how you can best show your support and learn more about their passions and skills. Ask your partner, “How can I best support you in reaching and achieving your vision for your life and our relationship?”

Be open, honest, and authentic. Always.

Your friends,

The Freemans