annoyed.woman.It’s a popular question between women nowadays- Are you a feministYou can immediately sense the judgment that is about to be targeted your way depending on how you answer this question.

If you say “yes” you’re considered an unshaven hippie who wishes she could kill every man in the world. If you say “no” you’re someone who doesn’t “stand up” for their gender. Either way, it’s a lose/lose situation and will inevitably lead to more unwanted conversation.

You do realize that men get paid more than us? Are you okay with that injustice? Why am I all of a sudden taking a quiz in a class I never enrolled in?! No, I am not okay with men getting paid more money than women simply because they were born male. Oh, then you’re a feminist!

 I’m a feminist just because I want to make an equal amount of money? I didn’t know that was how it worked. It seems to me that there is an exact definition of what a feminist is. A definition that can be used to group people into one category. I’m a Republican if I don’t want taxes. I’m a Democrat if I believe in same sex marriage. I am a feminist if I want to get paid as much as men. What is this obsession with defining everyone?

Feminism has become the new F-Word! It’s a word that makes you wince, but for some reason people keep shouting it from the It wouldn’t be such a cringe worthy term if people changed the meaning behind being a feminist. If the negative connotations of feminism went away then maybe more people (men included) would want to be feminists. Instead, it seems like those who call themselves feminists are the first ones to judge other women’s decisions. So what if a woman wants to dress provocatively or wants to get married at 19 or wants to quit her job and put her entire trust into man!? The man isn’t the plan, I get that. But, maybe for some women, the man is the plan. Why isn’t that okay?

The definition of feminism should be: Women supporting other women! No matter what their decisions may be. We support each other, love each other, and help each other grow. And if that’s what it means to be a feminist, than feel free to categorize me as one.