Clay mask with spreaderIf you have skin like me, washing your face is a lot harder than grocery store facewash and scrubbing. Combination skin gets too dry in some places and too oily in others. So how is it possible within a tight budget to find something that doesn’t over-dry or over-moisturize? Apparently rational me does not know the answer to that question, but half asleep me does. Around Christmas, I woke up briefly in the morning to a notification from Facebook on my phone, something about shar peis, that turned into my scrolling through the news feed for a few minutes. Half asleep I ended up watching a review video for a facemask from South Korea. Naturally it made sense to find it on Amazon and buy it! Introducing Elizavecca’s “Milky Piggy Bubble Clay Mask.”

Unlike masks I have used before, this goes on very cool and smells like actual clay to mold with. Very unlike clay masks from the past pretty soon you feel your face begin to fizz and the clay, infused with carbonation, starts to bubble and puff up on your skin. The itching gets very serious but it’s also encouraging. I like to imagine the fizzing opening up my skin and cleaning everything that is so hard to reach. Honestly, walking outside will sometimes clog your skin from all the pollution and dirt.

elizavecca review faceThe first step after receiving it in the mail is pull off the tiny spreader it comes with and obviously open the container. The plastic covering should be replaced as soon as possible after application of the clay so the carbonation does not activate in the jar. Cover your face quickly with the clay, it is very cool and starts to bubble pretty soon after application. The tell-tale sign that it is working for me is an uncontrollable urge to scratch your face, especially around your nose. From experience, you must ignore this feeling no matter how difficult it is. If you scratch you will then have bubbles all over your face.

elizavecca poppingWhen you start to feel like you’re inhaling bubbles is how you know to start rubbing it in, that and your face is puffed up to what feels like twice the normal size. Pop all the little bubbles that have formed and rub it into your face and neck if you included that. I usually just press down first all over my face to get the bubbles popped and make less of a mess before rubbing it in almost like a face cream. The entire process will feel like it’s starting again because the mask begins to fizz again but this is when to wash it off!elizavecca rubbed

Grab a clean towel and wet it with warm water to gently remove the clay from your skin. After you will have a wonderful glow and it does a number on blackheads too. My face is never too dry or oily after the treatment. This is good for any skin type as well, not just combination. It does not irritate the skin and it removes redness. Not to mention how much fun it is. So give it a shot! I promise the entertainment is a bonus to the clean feel of your skin. You can get it from Amzazon here!