Five Ways to Recharge After a Long Work Week

There’s nothing like closing your computer on a Friday evening after surviving, yet again, another crazy work week. Sure, you might love your job and what you do, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re feeling consumed by all the meetings, assignments, and non-stop efforts during the week.

If you’re feeling drained, exhausted, and unmotivated after a long week of work, it’s time for a recharge. That’s essential to returning to work on Monday feeling refreshed, reinspired, and remotivated to do your best work. Below are five ways to recharge after a long work week.

Declutter your space

I don’t know about you, but there’s something magical about cleaning. It might be the fact that you’re able to witness a task completed right before your eyes, and a lot of the time, in a short amount of time. Whether you’re decluttering your workspace at home or decluttering your kitchen cabinets that could use a refresh, cleaning and organizing can work wonders as you recharge for the week ahead.


When was the last time you took a break and meditated? The beauty of meditation is that even five minutes of intentional breathing can work wonders. Most of the time, closing your computer doesn’t mean shutting down your thoughts from your busy work week. Try meditating at least once during the weekend and see how quickly you can recharge your energy and focus.

Treat yourself

You worked hard to accomplish all you did last week. Why not treat yourself to something special? Rewarding yourself with a small treat can help boost your mood and energy after a long and draining week. This doesn’t have to be anything grand or expensive (unless you can afford it). Even a scoop of ice cream, a takeout meal, or a new top can do the trick.

Do something you love

We all have hobbies, but a lot of us lose sight of them as we get older, busier, and make more excuses for ourselves. If you have a hobby that can be easy to do at least once a week (i.e., run a mile, knit, paint, etc.), then try carving out time in your weekend to honor that. My hobby is thrifting, and there’s nothing like finding an hour on a Saturday to sift through the racks and clear my mind.

Do nothing at all

Even doing nothing is doing something, and it’s an important part of recharging after a busy week. Getting an extra hour of sleep, napping in the middle of the day, or binge-watching the newest shows on Netflix all count as doing nothing. Your mind and body will thank you for it.