How to Achieve More Daily Wins as a Busy Mompreneur

As a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur, some days can feel like total losses. Somehow, I’m doing everything yet accomplishing nothing. Sound familiar? That’s because as moms, we tend to take on too many responsibilities without thinking about what it would take to achieve them.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do as a busy mompreneur to make sure you get things done every day. Below are five ways to achieve more daily wins as a busy mompreneur.  

Understand your priorities

Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as balance. Sure, you might be able to do many things, but how many of them are you accomplishing to your standards? While I love working, I also really enjoy taking care of my family. This means I prioritize making dinner most days. Sure, this can be time-consuming, but to me, it’s a priority. By understanding your priorities, you’re ensuring you cover all your bases when deciding what to do every day.

Set daily goals

I’m a big fan of to-do lists. There’s something magical about creating a list and crossing things off as you achieve them. Whether you’re a digital person or a sticky note type of mom like me, make it a habit to create daily goals at the beginning of each day. As tempting as it can be, try not to overwhelm the page (or yourself) with an endless list. Instead, reference your list of priorities from above and write down realistic and motivating goals.

Build some boundaries

Sometimes, no matter how much we make lists, our days are interrupted by incoming calls, unexpected meetings, or inconsiderate family members. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you sit around all day waiting to attend to everyone’s needs. That’s why building boundaries is so important. Talk to your family, friends, or peers about your availability, set time limits on your screen time, and do whatever you need to do to gain that time you desperately deserve.

Ask for help

I don’t know about you but asking for help is one of the trickiest things to do for me. That’s because asking for help requires vulnerability, and as moms, we don’t usually like to show that side of ourselves. If you struggle with this one, think about all the benefits you can see from asking for a small favor. The clarity you can gain, the time you can reclaim, and the energy you can recover from simply reaching out to someone.

Make the best of independence

This tip might only apply to you if your kids are at least 5 years old, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s been a life and time saver in my household. Teaching your kids independence at a young age has many benefits, and your sanity is one of them. If your child can work on their assignments without you being in the same room, trust them to do it. If they can put away their laundry or help with chores, allow them to help. Not only will this teach them great independence skills, but it’ll also save you time and energy every single day.