4 Holiday-Themed Things To Do in Phoenix (That Aren’t Zoo Lights)

4 holiday themed things to do in PhoenixWhile Arizona’s Phoenix Zoo is always a spectacle around the holiday season, Zoo Lights is one of those events that people from Phoenix debate about attending every year.
More or less, the light shows are the same and many of the beautiful animals constructed out of hundreds of lights are in the same position they’ve been in for years.
Zoo Lights can be fun and cool, especially for the younger crowd. But for those of us who have relived the musical tree display for the past 5 years, we know what to expect and it takes the fun out of it.
Instead of Zoo Lights this year, take your friends and family to one of these other options:
  • Las Noches de las Luminarias – This beautiful event is held annually at the Desert Botanical Garden. Enjoy food, music and the garden dressed in gorgeous luminary bags with candles. This event sells out and currently only December 30 is available. Get tickets while you can!
  • Illumination Symphony of Light – Some drive through light events can get boring for kids. Illumination syncs holiday tunes to their light show that you can tune into on a radio station while you drive. At the end be sure to stop by “Santa’s Village” and get treats like hot cocoa!
  • Holiday Movie Binge – Harkins Theaters holds Classic Tuesdays and Special Saturdays all year long, but they are all holiday themed around this time. See Elf in theaters Saturday December 16 at 10 a.m. for only $5.
  • The Nutcracker – Seeing the Nutcracker performed by Phoenix ballet ensembles is something little kids never forget. It is also extremely fun for grown-ups too! Phoenix Symphony Hall sells tickets all throughout December on weeknights as well.

While there are so many more opportunities for holiday fun in Phoenix, remember that spending time with the people you love is the best gift of all. Despite sounding a little corny, we could all use a little family fun to end 2017.