Couple. Bed. Fighting.It makes sense to want to become a brand new person! Rejuvenate yourself and be cleansed; able to walk a new walk. But can you really delete your past? Pretend like certain events didn’t happen in order to make yourself feel better? Is it really possible to become a “born again virgin?”

When I hear one of my more promiscuous friends swear they are giving up men and everything that comes along with them, I automatically roll my eyes. It’s a statement I have heard many times before. You have a bad date, your boyfriend cheats on you, your relationship goes south and you decide to take a break. But not just from men, from all sexual activities!

I get it! Stop having sex…it complicates things anyway! Why not take it out of the mix? Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the act of starting over. You want to stop being so quick to give up the goodies, go right ahead. You want to make sure the next person you sleep with is actually the “right person?” That’s great. But does that now make you a “born again virgin?”

What if it’s for religious values? What if a person went through a traumatic experience? They should be able to make the conscious decision to become a “born again virgin.”  Seems valid. On the other hand, when it’s those women or even men who decide to be “born again virgins” every time they get dumped and a week later they have broken their promise for the 2nd…3rd…4th time…

If you are going to make this kind of decision, make sure it’s not a frivolous one…especially if you are going to tell others. If you tell me you’re a “born again virgin” on Monday and then on Wednesday you aren’t anymore… the term quickly loses its credibility.