Keep Safe With Revolar

How often do you find yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable? With Revolar, help is on the way in as little as three clicks.

Jacqueline Ros and Andrea Perdomo both had personal stories of loved ones who had been assaulted.

With a passion to help bring an end to assault, the two founded Revolar, the small device that can be attached to your car keys or clothes and alerts people if you are in need of help.

Revolar is a small button that is activated and used through the downloadable app for both Android and iPhone.

The user sets up the app by designating five people in their phone as emergency contacts. Revolar is capable of sending out various alerts depending on the situation.

One click of the button and Revolar alerts your five contacts you are safe at home. Two clicks and Revolar sends an alert to your friends and family you need help, but the situation is not dangerous. Three clicks alerts you’re in need of someone to call an emergency responder.

Revolar locates where you are through the GPS on your smartphone allowing emergency contacts to give dispatchers your exact location and information while help is on the way.

The theory behind alerting contacts is often when someone is in need of help they are not able to remain on the phone with emergency dispatch while they wait for someone to arrive.

Notifying someone you need help allows you to remain focused on keeping yourself as safe as possible until responders arrive.

Revolar even allows you to customize the messages sent to friends and family saying you are safe, and has an option to send a fake call to your cellphone to help get you out of an uncomfortable situation like a bad date.

The device never has to be charged, and comes with a battery life of up to 12 months. The batteries are replaceable.

Revolar is available for preorder and is on sale for $59. The first batch is scheduled to ship in May, and can also be ordered online at Target.