This New App Takes The Awkward Out Of Splitting Up A Bill

Stop ProcrastinationYou’ve just had dinner with all your friends. Everyone is enjoying their dessert and wine when the waitress walks over to the table and sets down the check.

Just one.

Everyone begins to look around to see who will be the one to either ask the waitress for separate tabs, or begin the daunting task of figuring out what everyone owes.

I’ve been in these situations dozens of times. And although I don’t mind just tossing my card in and suggesting we split it up evenly, I can’t say I love paying for a portion of Girl #3’s eight cocktails when I only had one.

I was once out to dinner with a group of people at a pizza restaurant where I literally paid $28 dollars when I had $12 dollars worth of food. Why? Because I am lactose intolerant and all I could enjoy were two bites of an appetizer and a couple scoops of salad.

So yeah, sometimes I prefer to only cover what I ordered and nothing more, and luckily there is an app for that! Called “Splitwise,” the new app does exactly that, it splits the bill according to what each person owes for anything you can think of.

The purpose of the app is to help keep track of group spending and who owes who money. If you live with roommates, are going on a large group vacation, or just generally find yourself always having to split up the bill in your group of friends, this app will not only keep track of who lent someone money, but it will also help keep track of the shared expenses.

You simply create groups by titling it with a name and adding members. Then, you can enter in a bill and choose how you want to divide it up. You can do it by percentage, split it evenly, and include all members or just a few. There is even a spot to include gratuity if it’s a restaurant bill.

You then add a description and Splitwise will show what everyone owes. You can include if someone spotted you the money, if you covered for someone, and when debts are settled.

Overall reviewers say it makes splitting up bills of any kind simple and easy, plus the best part is it takes away any uncomfortable conversation. You simply request a payment or submit one and Splitwise takes care of the rest.

The only downside of the app is it takes a bit of time to enter all of the information in. So, if you are looking for a quick way to divide up a bill while dining out, this might not be faster than using the old calculator.

However, if someone is willing to just pick up the tab, they can then go home and enter in exactly what each person owes them minus their portion of the bill.

They can request payment from each person, or if they owe someone on the list money, they can choose to split the difference and only request the amount that will wash the debt between the two people.

The app is free and available through the app store.