Why Your Gut Feeling Can Be The Best Strategy To Follow

Brain FreezeThere is such thing as a “gut feeling,” and whether you are aware of it or not you use it all the time.

Our brains use a combination of logic and emotion to sort out feelings and help us make decisions, according to Inc, and often our gut feeling results in how we come to conclusions regarding choices we are about to make.

And when it comes to our gut feeling, the more experience we have the better our gut is when it comes to steering us in the right direction.

It comes down to the phrase “practice makes perfect.” Just like with anything, the more you practice and work at it the better you will become.

When it comes to our gut, the more life experience we have, the better our gut is at determining what we should do when faced with a decision that relies on more than simple logic.

Not every choice will be presented with cold, hard facts sprawled out in front of us. There will be times when we don’t have logic to help us make, what seems to be, the obvious choice.

That’s where our gut feeling comes in, and based off our life experience and what we have to compare it to, our gut will help guide us in which direction to go.

What’s even more interesting is depending on how your brain processes information and what type of thinker you are, structural, analytical, conceptual, your gut instincts are naturally better at making decisions in the area you are strongest in.

For example, if you are a social thinker you tend to be good at naturally being instinctual in social settings and with people and relationships.Give Yourself the Gift of "Gut" Health

If you are more of an analytical thinker your brain will naturally base its gut feeling on the information it already has and make a decision based on what’s the most logical answer.

Trusting your gut, especially in the areas your brain is the strongest in, can lead you in the best direction when it comes to making certain decisions.

And the more we use and trust in our gut, the better it becomes at steering us in the right direction.