couple-flirting-at-coffee-shopMy friends and I decided to go out on Friday night! While we were dancing and having fun this gorgeous specimen of a man came up to me. He asked if he could buy me a drink and I was more than a little excited. He was gorgeous! After talking for about an hour, I found myself absolutely in love. I thought he was just the perfect guy. I wasn’t tattooing his name on my body or anything, but I definitely entertained the idea of forever with him. Don’t judge me! But before I knew it, my friends were screaming at me that they wanted to go home. Chad (the handsome fella’s name) asked for my number before I left. I had to contain the shrieks that were about to pour out of me and calmly tell him my number. He texted me “hey :)” so I would have his number as well. I left the bar with my friends and began to analyze everything about our interaction…as girls typically do. I wondered if I should’ve texted him back or if I should’ve stayed at the bar talking to him longer. Will he text me later tonight? Will he text me in the morning? I was low key freaking out!

shocked.woman.image.BUT…the next morning I got a text from Chad. It read, “Hey, it was great getting to know you last night” followed by the smiley face emoji with the heart eyes. I was in love… yet again. We started “talking.” It lasted about three days before he finally asked me out for the following Friday. Friday evening, after work, we had a plan to meet for happy hour. I arrived at the restaurant a little early and just casually sat down at the bar. About 5 minutes later I saw him walk in and he looked gooooddddd!!!! He was scanning the room, obviously looking for me. Our eyes met and I smiled but he continued to look around the room. He looked at me again and I waved him over, thinking that maybe he didn’t actually see me before. But, he just looked at me strangely and continued to scan the room. I got up and was like, “Hey Chad, I got here a little early so I just sat down at the bar.” He blankly starred at me and asked,”Who are you?” I told him I was Krystina and that we had met at the bar last weekend….He was absolutely shocked! He said, “Oh my god! I thought I was texting this girl Rachel that I had met the same night! Sorry for the mixup!” And he walked out of the restaurant. THE EMBARRASSMENT!