Five Tips to Successfully Cowork with Your Significant Other

As a solopreneur, I’ve been working from home for over two years now. I guess you can say I’ve been preparing for quarantine life for a while. My husband, on the other hand, recently transitioned into working from home due to COVID-19. While I love my husband, I also love a productive workday. Fortunately, there are methods you can use to achieve both.

Young beautiful multiethnic couple hugging in front of fireplace at home when reading a book at autumn day

If you recently transitioned into work from home life along with your partner, there are some things you can do to make the process easier. Below are five tips to successfully cowork with your significant other.

Set schedules

My husband can sit at his desk for nine hours out of the day, while I find myself constantly shifting gears to stay engaged. Whatever your needs are, setting schedules can help keep you on track for a successful day. Whether you have to plan for your five upcoming Zoom meetings or need some uninterrupted time to crank out the project, creating a schedule can be beneficial. In it, make sure to include all your breaks. This can help you pause and refuel throughout the day.  

Build boundaries

There’s a fine line between professional and personal lives when working from home. One minute you’re working on a big project, and the next, you find yourself in the kitchen doing the dishes. Building boundaries is an important part of creating a successful work from home routine. If you need uninterrupted time to focus in the mornings, make sure to establish that boundary from the beginning. You’d be surprised how effective they are.

Beautiful young woman wearing eyeglasses lying on bed, working on notebook, home office.Constantly communicate

Constant communication is essential to any relationship, so it’s just as important when attempting to work from home with your significant other. Make it a habit to check in with each other daily. Share your ups, downs, concerns, and celebrations from the day. This is a great way to continue connecting with your partner during a stressful time.

Give grace

Working from home with a significant other is a new undertaking for many. Myself included. So, like with any new beginning, giving yourself (and anyone else involved) grace is essential. Be patient, take deep breaths, and implement changes as needed. Remember that this is a new normal for millions of people around the world, so you’re not alone in this challenge.

Separate workspace

Although I love my husband, establishing my workspace has been key to productivity. He’s a dual monitor type of guy, and I’m a laptop and hands-on type of gal. Keep your differences and needs in mind when setting up your workspaces. Setting yourself up for success can make or break your experience of working from home with your significant other.