Essential Work from Home Gear That Will Help You Work Remotely

If you’re one of the lucky millions of Americans that have the privilege to work from home during the Coronavirus quarantine, it’s important to create a strong atmosphere to boost your productivity while away from the office. As a solopreneur who has spent the last two years working from home, I’ve noticed that some tools are more useful than others.

If you’re looking to upgrade your remote workstation at home, there are some key items you should invest in. Below is a list of essential work from home gear that can help you work remotely during quarantine and beyond.

Blue light blocking glasses

If you’re working remotely, chances are, you’re looking at a screen for hours at a time. Whether it’s a laptop, monitor, or phone, our eyes can hit from so much screen time. Blue light blocking glasses help block out blue light and UV rays.

As these protective glasses become more popular, you can now find them almost anywhere. From Amazon to Walmart, and countless other online retailers.


Whether you live alone or with a family of five, headphones can help you focus while listening to your favorite toons. Bluetooth headphones are a great investment because you can switch the connection between your phone and laptop. Headphones are also great to have when jumping on a conference call. The quality of the audio is often much better than that of a laptop or desktop.

Comfortable desk chair

While most offices provide quality desk chairs, we often forget how important they are while working from home as well. Investing in a comfortable desk chair can help boost your mood and productivity, as you won’t be restless as you sit at your desk for hours at a time. I recently invested in this chair and my husband loves it.

Standing desk converter

One of the greatest benefits of going into the office is having human interaction. This usually leads to meetings, walks to a coffee shop, and regular breaks. Unfortunately, all that movement and interaction usually goes out the window when working from home. That’s why a standing desk converter can greatly improve the quality of work while working remotely. The best part? Converters are lightweight and can be easily transferred into the office when things go back to normal.

Laptop tray

If you’re like me, then you probably enjoy traveling throughout the house with your laptop. I love transitioning from my desk to my bed and eventually the couch. While I love being mobile, there can be a lot of discomforts. A laptop tray offers a comfortable way to keep your laptop in place while you work remotely. I love that I can take it anywhere and it helps keep me comfortable while I type my day away.