How to Create Structure While Homeschooling Your Kids

The Coronavirus quarantine has thrown a curveball at all of us, and we have no choice but to adjust to our current “new normal”. I never thought I’d find myself in this position. Homeschooling my daughter through a crisis and pandemic while schools close through the end of the school year.

If you’re struggling with creating structure while trying to homeschool your kids, you’re not alone. Below are five ways to create structure while homeschooling your kids.

Set expectations

Although this quarantine might feel like an endless summer break, it’s important to remind your kids that it’s not the case. Although it’ll take some adjusting, remind your kids that they’re still expected to learn during this troubling time. While their day might not look exactly like it used to, they’re still expected to try their best when it comes to their education.

Stick to routines

I’m a huge fan of morning and night routines. I believe they have the power to set you up for success. If you already had routines set in place before quarantine, then stick to those. If you haven’t set any routines yet, this is a great time to experiment and decide what works for you. Eventually, these routines will become habits that will greatly benefit your lifestyle.

Create a schedule

As a huge fan of time blocking, lists, and sticky notes, I know there’s a lot of power and satisfaction in getting things done. As I try to navigate this new normal with my daughter, I decided to create a printable schedule she can use as a daily reference. It helps her stay on track with her daily responsibilities, and it helps me organize my busy day with her tasks.

Pick a designated learning space

Having a designated work area is important for the entire family as remote work becomes an obligation. While we can technically work from anywhere, we usually thrive in a specific space. Go for a quiet space with ample natural light and space for activities.

Adjust as needed

As you’re trying your best to accommodate this new normal, it’s important to remember that none of these changes have to be permanent. You can alter and adjust as needed. Now more than ever, communication is key to ensuring all your family member’s needs are met as we all try to navigate so many changes.