The Benefits of Changing Your Mindset during Your Job Search

Post-pandemic life is here, and there are more changes than any of us could have anticipated. Employees are leaving their jobs in record numbers. That means many individuals are browsing for the next best gig in the job market. If the thought of resumes, interviews, and negotiating job offers terrifies you, it’s time for a mindset change.

Changing your mindset during your job search simply means going from a scarcity mindset to a growth mindset. Instead of focusing on the scary things, you choose to focus on the exciting things.

Whether you lost your job or left one to pursue bigger and better things, it’s time to re-train your brain. Below are three benefits of changing your mindset during your job search.

Boost confidence

Navigating the job market is a scary experience for many of us. While it can be intimidating to put yourself out there, a simple mindset shift can give you the confidence to get it done. Instead of focusing on overwhelming things about an interview (who else hates curveball questions?), a boost in confidence can help remind you of your worth.

Confidence is essential during the job search process because you’re more likely to focus on what you do know than what you don’t. This means that no number of curveballs can throw you off your game.  

Open to networking

One of the biggest setbacks when it comes to landing the job is ourselves. We keep ourselves from making bold moves that can benefit us in the future. When it comes to landing your dream job, sometimes it’s less about what you know and more about who you know. When you change your mindset, you’re more open to “scary” things like networking and putting yourself out there.

Get out of your head and leap. Whether it’s on LinkedIn or a call to your mentor, a connection is out there.

Embracing failure

No matter how much experience you have or how charming you may be, we all experience letdowns now and then. When it comes to looking for a job, this letdown may come in a form of a rejection letter, email, or phone call. Those messages are not fun, but with the right mindset, those failures are only opportunities for growth.

A growth mindset allows you to embrace failure and offers an opportunity to learn from your experience.