Five Tips to Cope with Stress During a Hectic Day

Stress. We all deal with it, but unfortunately, many of us go through the day pushing through the pressures pretending it’s not a big deal. Sure, stress itself is pretty common. What’s not normal is ignoring it until the issue grows. Coping with stress is essential for your physical and mental health.

If you’ve been dealing with stress, it’s time to take action. Below are five tips to cope with stress during a hectic day.

Take deep breaths

Too many of us underestimate the power of taking a few deep breaths. When you’re dealing with a lot of stress, take one minute to just breathe. Being intentional about your breathing can have a tremendous impact on your stress levels. Plus, it’s a simple and free exercise that can save you many headaches. Literally!

Make master lists

If your stress is persistent because you constantly find yourself with a million things on your to-do list without much direction on getting things done, you might benefit from a brain dump. A brain dump is essentially just a master list full of things that are on your mind. You’ll be amazed by how powerful it is to get those things off your mind and onto a physical list.

Take regular breaks

One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that we’ll be more productive if we simply push through our to-do list. While you might think you’re doing yourself a favor by skipping your break, you’re hurting your mental health in the long run. If you’re bad at taking regular breaks, set daily alarms on your phone. These should help remind you that it’s time to step away from your work.

Try ashwagandha

I discovered ashwagandha when I was looking for tea to boost my energy mid-day. Without realizing it, the tea included ashwagandha, and although I no longer take the tea, I still take ashwagandha supplements because the results are amazing. I feel calmer and less stressed when taking the natural supplement.

Talk it out

When all else fails, there’s nothing better than talking about your stress. For me, this go-to person is always my husband, but your go-to person can be anyone from a mentor to a professional therapist. Having a go-to person to talk about your stress can have a big impact on your mental health journey.