Simple Ways to Unwind After a Stressful Workday

Stressful workdays. We all have them. For many of us, that stress carries on with us throughout the day and into our personal life. We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, and it’s time to make it stop.

Whether you’re a corporate professional or a hustling entrepreneur, learning how to unwind after a stressful day is essential to good health, focus, and productivity. Below are five simple ways to unwind after a stressful day.

Take deep breaths

Because breathing is such a mindless process, we often take the act for granted. However, deep breaths and mindful breathing can quickly change your mood from stressed to relieved. While the exercise can seem silly at first, you’ll be able to notice a big shift in your mood in as little as one minute.


If you want to take it a step further from taking deep breaths, then a guided meditation can do wonders. I have to admit, I have yet to master the art of silent meditating on my own, but I do love a good 10-minute guided meditation on my favorite app, Insight Timer. In the app, you can find thousands of free meditations from hundreds of instructors from around the world.

Talk it out

It can be easy to keep negative thoughts and emotions to yourself, especially when you don’t want to be a burden to your loved ones. However, talking about your day is one of the best ways to get out of your head. We tend to overthink situations when we keep things internalized, so make it a habit to talk to someone about what your day consisted of and what you can do about it. Talking to my husband after a stressful day is one of the most effective ways I can unwind and clear my mind.

Limit screen time

One of the first things we do after a stressful day is to throw ourselves on the couch and just scroll through social media. While this might seem like a good way to unwind, it’s counterproductive. That’s because depending on what you’re seeing while scrolling, you might be triggered to feel even more stressed because of comparison syndrome. While there’s no harm in engaging with your followers, remember to be intentional with your social media use, especially during times of high stress.

Practice Gratitude

It’s easy to forget all the amazing things you have when in high-stress situations. That’s why it’s so important to practice gratitude daily, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. We tend to forget that where we are now was only a dream a few months ago. Take time to celebrate all your wins in life and soak in the goodness of life while letting go of the overwhelm.