The new year, a delightful time filled with new diets, new crazes and New Year’s resolutions.

Every year around this time people try and change their bodies, or their lifestyles, but why not change your mindset about the world and women by adapting some Feminism resolutions in 2017.

Resolutions are a time to work on yourself, and this year I’m resolving to be a better feminism.

Join me in these 5 creative and adventurous ways of making feminism your New Year’s resolution.

Work On Self Love

One of the biggest and most important thing any feminist can do it work on themselves. I truly believe the first step to fighting any cause for a greater good is working on yourself first? How can you u sweat and equality if you’re not even treating your body with the equality andFeminist New Year respect it deserves. Self love can be manifested and discovered in so many ways, from journalling to baking, to drawing to some very well deserved personal therapy.

Learn To Say, “No”

One of the biggest life lessons I could give any person moving forward in human rights, feminism and any field where they are working on themselves and with others, is to learn to say no. It can be beyond hard to turn up an opportunity, especially one that might seem like it’s beneficial. At what cost does saying yes to everything come? Along the same vein as self love, it’s important to start to prioritize and only say yes to the important things. You’re human, learn that no one judges you for sometimes just saying no.

Be Active

No, I’m not talking about working out- although getting your blood flowing and working is always healthy. This is about growing another muscle in your body…your heart and brain! Join local clubs and organizations in the new year, and you can work on building a new network of women that share your ideas. Here is an article with a great list of clubs and organizations to join. Strength is in numbers and you will watch your own inner confidence soar in the friendships and life style changes that come from being active with feminists in your community!

 Learn A New Skill

In an ever changing media based word, learning a new skill could be a life saver down the road. Consider learning a traditionally “masculine” trait or skill so you feel empowered and more like an equal. We all drive, learn to actually change your tire or the oil in your car. Being more skilled makes you a more well rounded human being. 

Read About Feminist History.

Books are an important part to any feminist collection, reading can inspire new thoughts and movements. In this article, I talked about the feminist books that every feminist should read. Reading,Educate yourself on the women of the past to become a better part of the future, it’s 2017 you can listen to any feminist author of philosopher on a podcast, while on a commute to work. Read and be inspired.

Good luck I wish you the best for 2017, with everything a feminist could hope for in a new year, equal pay less cat calls and more women in power.