Spring brings a renewed focus on love and marriage.  You can become more frustrated, irritated, and sad if you’re single without a significant partner. If you’re single, do you find yourself longing for a partner to “make your dreams come true?”  For those of you who are coupled, you can boost your love, intimacy, and passion to experience exhilarating love 365 days a year.

Here are 5 strategies to help you jump-start your love today and every day to enjoy your ultimate relationship with yourself and that special romantic person.

1.  Celebrate the EXTRAordinary™ you!

First acknowledge and show yourself love by romancing yourself.  Do you indulge on that long awaited gift or a day at the spa?  Do you ever write a love note to yourself?  Perhaps, you just need that long luxurious nap to recharge or a massage to feed your skin’s need for touch.  Today take the time to:


  • Put yourself first, knowing how important you are in meeting your own needs and wants.
  • List the qualities you like and admire about yourself to remind you how loved you are to yourself and others.
  • Afterwards, write a love letter to yourself that you are cherished.
  • Take out the “love note” anytime you want to feel more uniquely loved.

When you feel this way and ACT on Love™, you automatically raise your energy and level of attraction. Not only that, you find yourself happier as you are taking charge of meeting your own needs rather than demanding or wishing that from a partner.

Couple taking photos.2.  Tell and show whomever you love, how special he or she is.

Love is a verb and can be shown in action through words and gestures.  Each day let the people around you know how are important they are to you through recognition, compliments, appreciation of their unique qualities and efforts, giving simple gifts that can be made or bought, touching through hugs, kisses, or a shoulder rub, spending time to laugh, talk, and connect through activities, and spontaneously doing thoughtful tasks that eases the day for the lucky recipient.  Don’t just save these loving gestures for special occasions, demonstrate these acts of love multiple times daily in various ways.

3.  Take charge of your life – Give your partner what you desire!

Think of being in a relationship and how you would want to be treated by your lover.  Whatever it is that you desire, practice the law of reciprocity with the idea of being the first to give.  If you want your partner to be romantic, then don’t let him or her guess what that will look like and feel like for you.  Instead create the romantic day or evening exactly the way you would like to experience it.  If you want more physical contact, then touch your partner in various ways both sexual and nonsexual.  If you want more compliments and acknowledgements, be direct and express your needs and be the model of what you’d like to receive.  Whining, nagging and pressuring don’t work. Remember you are manifesting being irresistible!

4.  Make a list of why this special person in your life is so cherished by you.

Keep this list handy to affirm how treasured your partner is to you and read this as a reminder of the many qualities you appreciate, love, and admire about this individual. Keep warm feelings in your heart each and every day. On those days when irritation and impatience get in the way of your loving your partner, the qualities you love about your beloved can help you to get back into conscious loving™ to get you back to a calmer state to view his actions or statements with a “loving eye,” to give him the benefit of doubt.

Young couple kissing in an old european town square.5.  Start a list of gratitude and write 5 things that you are grateful for each day.

This practice brings your awareness to all the good in your life. Your gratitude might be about the beautiful sunrise that greeted you upon awakening, being able run or walk faster or longer, feeling the embrace of loved ones, hearing words of appreciation of how valued you are at work, school, or home, the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment of a completed task, or even the unconditional love that you might receive from your furry pet.  As you begin to look for blessings in your day, you become happier with a greater sense of well being which radiates to all those around you…Shining your magnetic love to make you even more attractive to the universe, and especially to those fortunate enough to closely share your space.

I’d love to hear your success stories and personal strategies for upping your love with your special partner and others who are important in your life.  Yes, you can take control of your life to ensure 365 days of love in thought and action!