Most men think text is the best invention since the PlayStation, but in truth, it is the perfect tool to avoid a conversation.

So why do some people these days prefer texting versus calling? Some like to test the waters before they embarrass themselves with a phone call or avoid getting “stuck on the phone” for hours. Others want to think about what they say so they can sound smart or funny – heck they can even have someone else write it!

Be careful not to put up with someone misusing text messaging. If he doesn’t squeeze in some much needed voice action, he doesn’t deserve any real action.

Here are some texting etiquette secrets to avoid dating (or being) a text offender:

Texts should be supplementary to conversations, not replace them.

Do NOT discuss anything important on text. Things can get majorly misconstrued.

Here’s a sad, but fun example of a misinterpreted text convo:

Guy: It’s over

Girl: OMG, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me after all we’ve been through – and over text!

Guy: I was referring to the movie

Girl: oh

WomanAvoid using winks in a text unless you want the guy to use his sexual imagination.

Steer clear of sending too many texts. If you do, you’ll just be a pest. Wait for a response before sending your next text.

Don’t be that girl standing in the bar texting all night. It takes your attention away from being a Man Magnet, in the moment with your friends, and meeting people.

Do NOT text back when you ask for a call and he keeps texting.

Do NOT send a text that requires a long response. Who wants to sum up their life in a line or type out paragraphs of text on the tiny keys at stoplights! There are laws against this people!

Watch out for the times you respond to texts. If you get a text after midnight, it’s probably a booty call. For most girls, these snacks between meals are last priority.

Do not argue via text.

Be careful what you text when drunk. Drunk texting is a dangerous game. Text safely. Google actually has a program that asks you to solve a math problem before you’re able to text after a certain time!

Send the post-date text. Leave him smiling and keep the flirting going with a “Had so much fun with you tonight” text. If something really funny happened on the date, mention that you’re still laughing about it. You can also wet his appetite for you with a “Can’t wait to see you again” text. Knowing that he did a good job on planning the date and entertaining you will feed his ego and make him feel good about being around you again.

Text him to let him know when you can chat if you can’t pick up the phone.

Send a text that lets him know you’re thinking about him. If you see something that reminds you of something you talked about on your date, do send it. It doesn’t require a response and will leave a smile on his face.

Learn it, live it, text it, send it!

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