Ways To Stand Out In Job Interviews

Interviewing for a new job can be both an exciting and nerve-racking task, especially when you enter the room to see 10 other people waiting for their time to shine.

Whether it’s a new position with a company you’ve never worked for before, or the hopes of making a move up the corporate ladder of your workplace for the last three years, there are some key things to remember before entering the conference room.

First, what many people fail to realize is their interview actually starts the moment they walk into the lobby of wherever the interview is being held.

Whether this is at the corporate office or the branch you work at everyday, the interview is starting before you actually sit down with the big-wigs making the final decision.

Walking in smiling and greeting everyone shows your personality and that you’re both approachable and hopefully a pleasure to work with.

This goes especially for the receptionist checking you in. Assume the person at the front desk is watching every person interviewing for the position. Sometimes they even report back to the head honchos regarding who was pleasant and who was not.

Be organized and ready to go at a moments notice. You can use the time waiting in the lobby to run through your notes and talking points, but make sure your portfolio and any other necessary documents are already organized and ready to go.

Make sure you are carrying yourself with poise and purpose. Sit up straight, be composed, and shake everyone’s hand with a firm handshake while looking the person in the eyes.

Showing you have confidence in yourself shows the interviewers how you will treat clients and how you will compose yourself day to day.

While in the interview make sure you treat the process like a conversation and not an interrogation. This is the time for not only the company executives to interview you, but for you to interview the executives.

Ask questions, do your research on the position and the company, and make sure you have answers to questions you know they will likely ask.

If you allow the interview to flow like a conversation, it not only helps you relax, it also gives insight into how well everyone will work together should you be offered the job.

Also, showing interest in the company and going in with some prior knowledge demonstrates a go-getter attitude and self-starter type of personality.

Finally, remember to remain calm and composed and allow your personality to shine through. Although being qualified for the job is essential, showing that you have good people skills and an approachable personality is a winning trait that can’t be taught.

Anyone can be trained on the technical skills required for the position, but being approachable is not a skill executives can teach someone.

Dazzle them with your winning personality and knowledge and you’ll be sure to stand out in your next big job interview.