Three Tips to a More Intentional and Fashionable Wardrobe

The last two years have disrupted the world – especially the fashion world. The pandemic made many people question what they wore and why they had to wear it. Sweats took the place of suits, and many are still struggling to get back to a pre-pandemic style. If you’re ready to dress the part and show up with style, it’s time for some change.

woman trying on designer dressRevamping your style doesn’t require a tremendous amount of time or money. Below are three tips for a more intentional and fashionable wardrobe.

Solidify how you want to show up

One of the first steps to revamping your wardrobe is deciding how you want to show up in the world. Do you want to be promoted to a leadership position and need a professional wardrobe? Are you hoping to let your spunky personality shine through your outfit choices? Spend some time thinking of how you want to show up and what items you’ll need to get there.

Identify your inspiration

Once you decide how you want to show up in the world, it’s time to find your inspiration. I love using Pinterest to find inspiration. Whether you’re looking for chic outfits, professional attire, or casual clothes, use those keywords when searching through Pinterest and start pinning. Before you know it, you’ll have a board full of outfit ideas to kickstart your outfit creation.

Clear out the clutter

One of the best things about deciding what you do want is being able to identify all the things you don’t. It is the perfect opportunity to clear the clutter and make room for items that suit your new and improved style. Not only will you fill your closet with items you will use, but you will also create a more welcoming environment that you’ll want to explore daily.

Your style plays a key role in how you show up in the world. Stop wasting it by wearing pieces that aren’t you. Are you ready for a style upgrade?