GreenSurance: Holistic Healthcare Coverage

Affordable Health insurance

…and the Affordable Care Act is a hot topic these days and few people seem happy except the insurance companies. Insurance costs continue to rise and coverage continues to decline. Two of the largest health insurance companies in Arizona have pulled out or have announced intent to pull out of providing health insurance for individuals and small businesses despite making record profits in recent years.  These large for-profit traditional insurance companies are only interested in taking care of themselves and their shareholders because that’s what for-profit companies do, make money for themselves so the concept of affordable health insurance seems lost.

Holistic health care and natural medicine coverage is here… and it’s being provided by a company called GreenSurance.

GreenSurance: Holistic Healthcare Coverage

Robin Harris and Lea Woodford.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is an alternative to this dilemma.  I recently sat down with Robin Harris, an agent for GreenSurance. GreenSurance is a co-op for health conscience individuals looking for a healthier alternative to tradition medicine and affordable health insurance. The premise is very much like that of the credit unions, which also are a co-op.

What impressed me most about the GreenSurance was the fact that it integrates traditional medicine along with naturopathic and holistic care. I have been going to a naturopath for years and it can be extremely expensive because very often naturopathic health care centers don’t take insurance.

This was funny as I met with Robin at my office and posted a picture of the two of us discovering an alternative to Health Insurance. I couldn’t believe the texts, personal messages and emails I received from everyone.  I had requests from people wanting the affordable health insurance, doctors who wanted to know how they could become a provider and several independent health insurance brokers who wanted to see if they could represent it.

For more information you can contact Robin Harris at (602) 663-2810 or check out Greensurance online at Please tell Robin that Lea sent you!

I know that there are probably a few skeptics out there just like myself, and yes, Greensurance also meets the insurance requirements to avoid the insurance tax penalty. Unlike traditional health insurance companies, Greensurance is a fiscally sponsored nonprofit whose community is creating the buying-power for green and affordable health insurance programs today.