Dwoman.pain.period.feature.on’t we love our Aunt Flow? That beautiful time of the month when the thickened lining of our uterus sheds and our lives are absolutely miserable for 2-7 days. “It’s the best,” said no one ever!

The headache, fatigue, swollen breasts, restlessness and don’t forget…the CRAMPS! Cramping goes hand in hand with most periods and it can be horrible. Some women are unable to function on their period until they pop those magical period healing pills. Once a month I take Pamprin like candy, anything to calm the intense twisting in my lower abdomen.

I don’t think I am alone in thinking that periods are horrible and cramping is miserable. Oh, but do I have news for you! Ladies- toss those little white pills out the window. A company in Israel has created a new technology called Livia. Livia is a small device that takes those cramps away. According to Livia’s website, “Livia is the off switch for your menstrual camps. Just turn it on, breathe in, get going.”

Now I am sure you are wondering how this little robot works. Cosmopolitan writer Hannah Smothers wrote, “Livia uses a set frequency that’s designed to best penetrate and soothe the muscles that cramp up and cause you awful pain when you’re on your period, and it transmits that frequency through the little sticky pads you stick on your lower stomach.” Basically… our period prayers have been answered.

But…there is some bad news! According to Livia’s website, users are going to have to wait until October 2016 to have Livia shipped to them. Let the countdown begin!