Last weekend I was taking a walk with my daughter and we were discussing women’s intuition, or inner voice. This subject of course was related to men and dating. My daughter intuitively knew she needed to meet a young man she saw at a restaurant who then turned out to be the love of her life. If my daughter didn’t meet this man and didn’t follow her inner voice/intuition, she would have missed out on finding her soul mate.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Every once in a while we think about a family member or friend we haven’t connected with in a long time and the phone rings and it is that special person we just thought of. Is that a coincidence or not?

I will never forget one evening I picked up the phone and felt something so sad about a friend named Sandy who lived in another state and as I was dialing, before it rang, she answered the phone. She began crying and told me that her mother had just passed away. My heart was pounding and I just felt her pain intuitively from miles away.

Have you ever dated someone who you knew was the wrong guy for you but you did it anyway? Your intuition is telling you something important you shouldn’t ignore and you said to yourself, “I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him,” and you feel so annoyed with yourself for wasting time with that person.

Let’s define and look at intuition, which most people think is just a “hunch” that happens now and then, but it is actually what we call multisensory perception. It is considered to be a very sophisticated system that allows you to know more than you can with your five senses.

Mother with Ill DaughterI always listen carefully and advise the mothers who come into my office to follow their intuition and inner voice when they know something is wrong with their child. Mother’s intuition is an extremely powerful tool we need to stay in tuned with. A medical doctor should always listen to a mother when she is sharing that something is wrong with her child medically, by just knowing him/her. A counselor or therapist should also listen very carefully to what a mother is saying about her child’s emotional or physical health before giving advice, medical diagnoses or therapeutic strategies.

Wisdom often appears as physical sensations or emotions in our bodies, so it is important to be attentive to our feelings. Real wisdom is so different from what we learn from authority figures, professionals or a classroom.

What are the barriers to listening to our inner voice/intuition?

  • We often mistrust our instincts because we question ourselves when making important decisions. Often times women are uncertain about their self worth, and they will choose to ignore their inner voice. Work on trusting yourself even if you only have a hunch or feeling about something is vital.
  • We listen to too many opinions of others that may contradict our own feelings or instincts. We need to be open minded but still believe in ourselves and not always follow other’s advice or opinions, unless there is a safety factor or it may be dangerous. Trust what is right for you and think about what other people may say, but go back to what feels intuitively right for you.
  • Take your ideas and build your own dreams. Too many people live in fear or in a box. They will give you a million reasons as to why your idea will not work. Do your research, and trust yourself to move forward. Find other experts in the field who will take you step by step to reach your dreams and goals, instead of knocking you down.

Woman SleepingHow do you make intuitive decisions?

  • Pause and yield to think about it even if it feels uncomfortable before you move forward.
  • Listen to your body. If you have any form of physical symptoms, such as insomnia, nausea, hives, agitation, a pounding heart, then pay attention, because something is wrong! Don’t continue to do whatever is making you feel this way.
  • Learn to meditate or do yoga or relaxation. Often times if we are quiet and we go inward, it helps us clear our minds and help our bodies relax. This can guide you to having clearer thoughts and discovering your unconscious thoughts that are telling you to let go or move on to something better.
  • Dreams can also be an important guide. Some people’s dreams turn into realities, so do not negate what they are trying to tell you. Research what they mean as they sometimes represent your unconscious thoughts.

Women, you are very special and unique. Learn to trust your inner voice or intuitive nature as it will usually guide you in finding the right path.