Workers Ghosting Their Employees Like A Bad Date

It’s like straight out of a bad date, employees are ditching their jobs by ghosting their employers.

Instead of walking into the office and formally handing in a two-week notice, employees are electing to text their boss that they are quitting. Even worse, some just stop showing up, according to The Washington Post.

Coined in 2016, the term “ghosting” refers to a man or woman ceasing all communication with someone suddenly and without notice.

Now, employers are finding that ghosting is becoming a huge trend among their employees or prospective hires.

Employers are claiming they see a pattern in two circumstances, either an employee fails to give notice and just quits coming to work, or a new hire will never show up. In both cases the individuals stop any contact and are unreachable.

A big question is why? Why are new hires or employees not bothering to let their employer know they plan to quit or never start the job that was offered?

One reason could have to do with the hiring rate in the US. Currently, the national unemployment rate is 3.9 percent, according to

The rate is lower than both 2017 and 2018. With jobs on the rise many people are able to have multiple options or offers on the table. This creates a wealth of opportunity to shop around and find the best option.

And while this is great news for working class Americans, it also means many people feel bad about accepting an offer to later decline it.

As a result people are choosing to take the less confrontational route and not address it at all, or if they do, in the most uncommunicative way possible.

From the employers side this is both frustrating and disappointing. Where it’s great that the job market has various positions open for employment, it creates a frustrating burden when someone is offered a job, accepts it, then never shows up.

Employers want their employees to know they value their work and desire to move on and up in their career, just be willing to be professional and responsible by giving notice.

And for those who decide to go a different direction when offered a job, that’s great. Just let them know without sending a vague text or worse, never showing up at all.

Everyone’s time and resources are valuable.