Why It’s Time for Moms to Put Themselves First

Growing up, I always thought becoming a parent meant putting your entire life on hold. I thought it meant that my dreams, goals, and passions would all have to take a backseat to family responsibilities. Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned (the hard way) that being a great parent requires me to be a great person, as well.Hispanic girl sitting on playground slide while woman applies first aid bandage to knee.


There are countless misconceptions about a mother’s responsibilities. While children do require a lot of time and energy, there’s something even more important: doing something for yourself.

It’s time we debunk the myth that a mother’s needs always go last. Below are three reasons why it’s time for moms to put themselves first.

It’s not selfish

Contrary to what you might have heard in the past, putting yourself first as a parent is not selfish. It requires a lot of will power to do something for yourself and with little guilt as a mom. Taking care of yourself and your needs mean you can turn around and be a loving and caring mother when it’s time to be.

Try doing one thing for yourself every day. Those small steps will lead to a snowball of self-care actions.

It keeps you sane

If you’re a mom, you’re likely wearing many hats throughout the day. Between parenting, household chores, your job, and your marriage, it’s enough to drive anyone insane. That’s why it’s important to do things for yourself daily. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you go to the spa every day, but it wouldn’t hurt to slow down now and then.

An easy way to do this is to find some quiet time throughout the day to gain clarity, take some deep breaths, and center yourself.

You’re more than a mom

Once you become a mom, it’s almost impossible to imagine a life without your children. It’s even more difficult to think of passions and hobbies that used to take up your time before them. Although being a parent is one of the most important responsibilities a person will ever have, it’s important not to lose yourself in the process.

If you’re not sure of what those passions are, there are exercises you can try to gain some clarity.