5 Things to Add to Your Vision Board for Clear Inspiration


As a creative entrepreneur, I’m a visual learner. I like to see things in front of me to fully digest the meaning of them. That’s why vision boards are one of my favorite ways to turn my dreams into reality.Portrait of relaxed pretty thoughtful pondering minded beautiful stunning clever smart creative inspired entrepreneur dreaming about weekend and vacation don't want to work sitting at the table

After meeting Jack Canfield at SmartFem Studios last month, I was inspired to put his vision board tips and ideas to good use. Jack is a huge advocate for the manifesting your dreams through the law of attraction, and vision boards are one of many ways to practice these beliefs.

While there’s no right or wrong way to create a good vision board, there are key additions that will assure clear inspiration. Below are five things you should add to your new vision board.

Places to travel

Big (and sometimes expensive) dreams like traveling the world can seem out of reach when thinking about your biggest dreams. This can sometimes lead to feeling undetermined and under-qualified to making them come true. I decided to add some fun travel destinations to my vision board because it reminds me to work hard to make it happen. 

Things to buy

Now, I’m not talking about that lipstick you’ve been eyeing at the drugstore. For this section, try to think bigger. Is there a new car you’ve been drooling over? A dream home you’ve always wanted for your family? Add it here. For me, a new spacious car has been a goal for my family. It’s a big expense, but I know it’s an achievable goal as long as I work for it.

Goals to accomplish

Super excited young woman in grey sweater and jeans holding bunch of Euro banknotes, clinching fists, celebrating winning lottery. Ecstatic woman holding lots of money, isolated on white background.I’ve always been scared of making financial goals in fear that I’d let myself down. However, I’ve quickly realized that to overcome your fears, you must move towards them. One of the newest additions to my vision board has been a number that signifies my annual income goal. Whether your goal is to run a 5k or get a promotion, make sure you’re specific with what you want.

Things to manifest


Whether it’s love or the career of your dreams, I’m a big believer that the universe finds a way to give you what you ask it for. For me, money and freedom are on this list because I know the impact they would have on my life. Starting my own business was something that once only existed on a vision board, and now I live it every day. Don’t be afraid to add things that might even scare you.  

Habits to implement

As I approach my 30s, I’m beginning to focus on my health more than ever before. Habits, like working out and eating healthier have become priorities, and I know that’s only happened because I had a vision of making it a reality. What are some healthy habits you want to implement? Is it a 4 am wake up time, drinking more water, or running every morning? Add that too,