Simple Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The start of a new year signifies new beginnings and exciting opportunities for many, but for those living in the confined space of their comfort zone, another year is simply a new calendar for the same routines. Time is too precious to waste on choosing the “safe” option every time.

If you’re tired of the same routine filled with mundane tasks and unexciting activities, it might be time for a change, starting with getting out of your comfort zone. Below are four simple ways to get out of your comfort zone.

Eat something new

One of the easiest ways to shake things up in your everyday life is by eating something new whenever possible. Whether you’re trying a new local restaurant or making dinner for your family, expose your pallet to something different every once in a while. While the same choice might be the safe choice, it doesn’t mean it’s the best one.

Sign up for a workout class

As an introvert, putting myself out there and working out in front of a big group of strangers wasn’t easy, but it has challenged me beyond my understanding. It takes a lot of vulnerability and discipline to put yourself out there and work out alongside people you’ve never met, which is why this is a great way to take baby steps toward getting out of your comfort zone.


If you’ve never volunteered before, then you’re not familiar with the gratifying feeling of spending part of your days giving back to your most vulnerable neighbors in need. You’re also not familiar with the sometimes uncomfortable first day of volunteering. Meeting new people, executing new tasks, and creating new routines isn’t always easy, but it’s a great way to get out of the box you’re used to living in.

Take yourself on a date

If the thought of eating alone at a restaurant intimidates you, this might be a step you work up to eventually. Doing so is much easier than you might think, but it’s also one of the best ways to get comfortable with yourself and the idea that it’s OK to get out of the norm. Trust me, no one is judging you the way you think they are. Plus, you’ll enjoy some quality alone time, the perfect opportunity to hash out what your next challenge will be.