How to Declutter Your Home in Time for the New Year

The start of a New Year is a magical time. New beginnings, special opportunities, and a fresh start to another year of life. To make the best of a fresh start, we have to part ways with all the old and unused items holding us back.

A decluttered home sets the foundation for a clean slate as we enter a new year. Below are five tips to declutter your home in time for the New Year.

Block time in your schedule

If you’re serious about decluttering your home, then blocking the time in your calendar is essential. Countless other things that will try to pull you in different directions, but decluttering takes hours, and sometimes days to complete. Treat this like any other important task and you’ll set the foundation for a successful decluttering session.

Prioritize specific areas

Maybe decluttering your entire home in a matter of hours isn’t realistic, but tackling your top areas is. Grab a pack of sticky notes and place a sticky on any area you’d like to declutter. This will help keep you on track and not miss any key spaces you’re looking to organize. As you finish, remove and trash that sticky note. This is a great way to feel accomplished as you finish each specific area.

woman decluttering home and donating itemsRemove everything

As you’re decluttering each space, it’s important to remove everything from that drawer, closet, or cabinet. This will help you see everything that’s stored in there and make sure you avoid overlooking pieces you may want to get rid of.

Assess each piece

One of the most important tips when it comes to organizing and decluttering is to assess each item as you go. This helps you review whether the items serve a purpose or are simply taking up space in your home.

Donate unused items

Once you’re done assessing each item and making a pile of all the unused pieces in your home, it’s time to make a trip down to your favorite thrift store. You’ll be making room in your home for things that suit you while giving your unused items a new purpose in the homes of people that will use them.