Apartment Brokers Help When Buying and SellingAs an apartment broker who has been selling apartments in the Metropolitan Phoenix are for the last 20 years, I can think of all the standard answers to why probably 95 percent of my clients have been men. For example, a few contributors might be that it seems apartments are a lot of work as an investment, it is too time consuming, it is too hard; but, being an apartment broker in the Phoenix area, I know that none of those things are true.  After I thought about this some more, I realized that I cannot really come up with a true “why” to the fact that a majority of my clients are male.

I know that when we, as women, set our minds to do anything, we can get it done.Renting Out Apartments can be profitable

Apartments can be anything from a duplex or four-plex up to several hundred units at one location in one property.  Basically, apartments bring in monthly income from rent and miscellaneous other fees. From this income, the owner/landlord pays the bills for the apartment and the difference, simplified, is profit.  The second part of the “apartment as an investment” equation is that where values are rising, like what is currently happening in metro Phoenix, the value of the apartments will increase, offering the investor/landlord, a profit when the property is sold.  So, not only does apartment investing bring in monthly income; but also the potential for appreciation when it is sold.

I have many clients in Phoenix that started out buying a small property and through buying and selling and using their profits to buy larger properties, now have several hundred units and strong monthly income.  It takes a while, yes, but with the help of an apartment broker and some patience, in the end it is worth the wait.

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